Reviews of my debut album ‘Run Barefoot Holler’:

“This is hugely promising start from a young man finding his solo voice” 

For Folks Sake 

“The beauty of the albums musical landscape create some excellent moments of clarity” 

Thank Folk For That

“There are some very strong songs here” 

Whisperin and Hollerin


Reviews of Jammy Voo’s Birdhouse:

“The live music written and performed by Greg Hall is nothing short of revelatory” 

 One Stop Arts

“The live music . . . is beautifully atmospheric”

Daily Telegraph

“The songs are fantastic . . . including powerful original compositions by Greg Hall”


Review of Peter Pan at The Northcott:

“Greg Hall’s charming folk-style musical accompaniment further adds to the bewitching atmosphere”

Broadway World

Reviews of Theatre Hullabaloo and Theatr Iolo’s production Luna:

“It’s the atmosphere which makes this show absorbing, fascinating theatre, and the music influences this more than anything else.”

Wales Art Review

“The pre-recorded and ambient music sound track is supplemented by Greg’s masterful playing of the cello and acoustic guitar.”

The Good Review

Review of The Girl And The Giraffe

”Supporting the magic of imaginative play is an original musical score by Greg Hall. It’s gentle and whimsical and provides a cloud of sound that embraces the action of the play”

Live Theatre UK

Review of Rex The King

Musical Director Greg Hall’s varied compositions add depth and eloquence to a fine script – plus he plays five parts, including Disco Dennis.”

Remote Goat

Review of My Brother, My Sister and Me

”The story is enhanced by the music of composer Greg Hall and the delightful Gecko song the siblings’ sing is accompanied by a joyful choreography.”

Theatre London 1


A review of Run Ragged’s The First Time Machine:

“Greg Hall offers up effective sound and music with a sensitive and self-effacing performance”

Theatre in Wales