Work for theatre companies include:

National Theatre Learning

Cupboard of Surprises:

Performed as part of the National Theatre’s Inside Out Festival 2012
Here is a track from the show, featuring Luanna Priestmann (vocals) and Ailie Cohen (violin). Lyrics by Sarah Argent and myself.

Jammy Voo Theatre


Performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and toured nationally 2013 and 2015 

The Sleeper: Toured Norway in March 2017. Songs co-written with Emily Kreider and featuring Emily Kreider on vocals.

Theatre Hullabaloo and Theatre Iolo

Luna : Toured nationally in 2013 and 2014 

LUNA 2min Cut REL vimeo from Ian Paine on Vimeo.

Polka Theatre   

Grandad, Mia . . . and Teddy Too:

Performed at Polka Theatre, London, from October 2014 to February 2015

My Brother My Sister and Me: 

Performed at Polka Theatre, London, from October 2017 to February 2018

The Salisbury Playhouse

Elegy For A Lady / The Yalta Game: Performed in the Salberg Studio, Autumn 2013

Frontline Dance

Happenchance: Performed in hospitals throughout Staffordshire in 2014 and 2016

“HAPPENCHANCE” from FRONTLINEdance on Vimeo.

Run Ragged Productions

The First Time Machine: Toured Wales in 2014 and 2015

Hocket and Hoot Theatre

By The Light Of The Fool Moon:

Performed at Muncaster Castle, in the Lake District, December 2014. Music for this show was composed by Verity Standen. I was playing double bass, cello, singing and performing as part of a clown ensemble.

Floods Of Ink 

The Girl and The Giraffe: Produced by the Half Moon and toured nationally throughout 2016-17.

Wassail Theatre

Rex The King: Toured Somerset village pubs in Spring 2017 and Summer 2018. Featuring Jac Husebo (vocals and guitar) and Katy Sobey (vocals)